About Business Solutions Associates

Helping small businesses to be as efficient and productive as possible, we provide custom software tools to make it happen. We also offer consulting based on long business experience in multiple roles. Our work is guaranteed to meet the most demanding requirements.

Our small company was formed in 2005 by our principles, Jerry and Ann Erwin. Since that time we have developed satisfied clients in several states across the USA as well as valuable clients around our home turf of Dallas/Fortworth, Texas. In addition to our home staff, we have a number of associates who are ready and willing to help out when the going gets tough.

Prospective clients typically call us with some problem or issue, large or small, and request a review. If all goes well and the prospective client does have a problem or issue we can help resolve, we typically get started right away. Upon completion of the job, or first phase on larger projects, and acceptance by the client, we submit an invoice for payment. We accept checks or PayPal. If there is a problem due to some error on our part, we fix it at no additional charge. We also provide support and maintenance services as needed on a continuing basis.

So, give us a call. We'll do our best to make the outcome positive for both of us.

Address and Phone Number:

Business Solutions Associates, Inc.
7321 Bluefield Drive
Dallas, Texas 75248
Phone: 972-233-9442
Fax: 972-661-8302

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